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Digital tachographs are already a fact of life for many commercial drivers. This is a system improving road safety through automatic recording and regular monitoring of driver performance data and details on the vehicle's journey, including speed and distance covered. It is used to enforce compliance with regulations for daily driving and rest times and for total driving and rest times over a two week span. This information is, however, difficult to monitor in its classic analog form because only the record sheets for the current week and the last day of the previous week are actually stored in the cab.

Advanced equipment to end abuses

Advanced new equipment is the key to putting an end to the most common abuses of the present system. One obvious starting point is electronic recording equipment capable of storing and associating relevant data to a personal driver card. The data is then retrievable, reliable and intelligible when exported, and provides an indisputable record of the work done by the driver over the last few days and by the vehicle over a period of several months. System and component security is essential for the recording equipment to function efficiently. The Veridos team has been involved in digital tachography since 1998, including work with standards organizations (EU, DG Move and JRC) on specifying and developing digital tachograph solutions. Millions of secure digital tachograph cards in the field With millions of secure digital tachograph cards in the field, Veridos knows exactly what our customers are facing and uses that knowledge and our expertise to prepare the next generation of secure digital tachograph cards. The credit card-sized secure digital tachograph cards from Veridos reflect the vast production experience in security printing and ID cards from its parent companies Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei. Veridos customers can rest secure that they will receive the best, latest, endurable, affordable and most secure product as new challenges continue to arise in this field.

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