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Veridos Matsoukis has a fully integrated production process ensuring its customers all necessary support and flexibility to produce high quality security documents, in compliance with the international quality and security standards.

Documents for Global Mobility

The world has never been smaller, if the latest figures from the world of international travel are to be believed. In air travel alone, the number of passengers has risen steadily by almost five percent each year. Modern travel documents must meet a variety of daunting challenges. On the one hand, they must be secure and reliable, ready for their key role in curbing cross-border criminality. On the other, they must be convenient, unobtrusive and efficient. 

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Loyal Clients

eCovers and Inlays are the most convenient method to upgrade existing passport booklets solutions into fully ICAO compliant solutions. The eCovers concept is simple. The manufacturing process for the standard passport cover is adapted to incorporate a chip and antenna. This integration step functions seamlessly without reducing productivity for the booklet manufacturer. Inlays are used as a chip and antenna solution to be glued between the standard cover material and paper booklet. Here too the installation of the chip integrates seamlessly into the booklet production.

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ID Card Documents & Passport Data pages Documents that are built to last

To fulfil the highest security and quality standards, Veridos ID cards and passport data pages are structured around a wide range of card materials. Based on the customer’s needs, one or more personalization technologies such as laser engraving are deployed. This ensures that Veridos ID cards and passport data page offer market-leading protection against counterfeiting as well as enhanced durability. 


Enforcing Safety, Protecting Commercial Drivers

Digital tachographs are already a fact of life for many commercial drivers. This is a system improving road safety through automatic recording and regular monitoring of driver performance data and details on the vehicle's journey, including speed and distance covered. It is used to enforce compliance with regulations for daily driving and rest times and for total driving and rest times over a two week span.

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Secure Borders, Faster Processing

The classic manual endorsement of entry/exit visas in passports is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Although such stamps are popular with travelers as nostalgic keepsakes, from a security standpoint they are too easy to manipulate. Given that illegal immigration is now identified as a major global security menace, appropriate measures are needed to head off the threat.

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Affordable High Quality 

Postage stamps are printed on high quality gummed or self-adhesive  paper at any size, combining various printing methods (offset, intaglio, silk screen, hot stamping) for distinct product quality and appearance. For more than 30 years supplying the Greek Post Office with postage stamps and all other relevant Philatelic products.

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Difficult to Counterfeit

Tickets for Bus organizations are produced using exclusive watermarked security paper with additional security elements which combined with special numbering and other printed security features, thus making tickets difficult to counterfeit.

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Special Security Features

Veridos Matsoukis offers a wide range of services to Bank customers including the design, printing, numbering, personalization and same day delivery of cheque books to central branches.

All cheques are being produced using CB1 security paper according to the Greek Bank Association specification.

The use of special security features that are easy to verify and difficult to forge or counterfeit ensures secure transactions.

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Quality and Accuracy

Bank Saving books are still widely used in some countries. Veridos Matsoukis offers the design and the production of saving books according to the customer specification and sizes, with plastic or paper based cover material.
The savings books are produced at highest quality and accuracy which ensures good printing quality and long usage life. They may also be produced featuring a magnetic tape on the cover material making them possible to be easily used in ATM’s.

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Quality and Accuracy

Tax labels for tobacco or alcohol are produced containing optical security features of all three verification levels, that are easy for citizens to verify and at the same time help examiners to identify the product as genuine.

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