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Veridos Matsoukis is using specially manufactured equipment and the following printing techniques which enable

printing of various security features on security documents.

Using the latest technology and high resolution (8001dpi) Computer to Plate systems, VDMat is printing using wet or dry offset method on sheet fed or web printing presses. The use of special security inks and rainbow printing technique enhance the security of printed documents. Printing is always executed in areas with controlled ambient conditions (relative humidity, temperature)

Intaglio printing is recognized as the most secure for the printing of security documents. The company has installed an intaglio printing machine capable of printing up to 3 colors including a complete waste recycling system.

For the printing of certain applications, when printing is on web using special security inks (thermochromic, iridescent, etc.) the company is using the printing technique of flexography. Drying of the inks in this case is achieved using ultraviolet radiation.

The oldest printing method is currently used mainly for the numbering process of various security documents as it is flexible in operation and at the same time offers the possibility of using special inks (penetrating, fluorescent, etc.)

Hot foil printing machines can be alternatively used for slitting or cutting documents printed on special adhesive papers, using high-precision magnetic cutting tools.

It is mainly used for printing variable data, numbering with special logarithms and for the personalization of security documents (i.e. bank and private checks, vouchers, gift vouchers, etc.)

For the printing of special applications requiring special inks (such as thermochromic, iridescent, etc.), the company is using silk-screen printing technique. There is the choice of using different types of water based or solvent based inks with the respectively drying technique (hot air or ultraviolet radiation)

For the printing of texts or other images with foil (in gold, silver and others), the hot foil printing method is used. For the application of holographic patches this equipment is additionally equipped with extra features to ensure high quality and accuracy of the process.

It is used in variable data printing applications where other printing technologies cannot be used due to technical limitations (size, paper quality, etc.)

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