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Modern identity documents must be tough as well as versatile​

No matter where they are issued, today’s identity documents are universally expected to withstand all reasonable stresses: physical tampering, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, environmental conditions, UV radiation and external wear and tear from service lives that can stretch to 10 years and more.

Wide range of cutting-edge materials available

To fulfil the highest security and quality standards, Veridos ID cards and passport data pages are structured around a wide range of card materials. Based on the customer’s needs, one or more personalization technologies such as laser engraving are deployed. This ensures that Veridos ID cards and passport data page offer market-leading protection against counterfeiting as well as enhanced durability. 

Experience and flexibility to fit the customer’s needs

Drawing on its years of experience in the development of ID documents and the integration of security features, Veridos offers a range of card materials for its customers and project partners. While it typically recommends the use of materials offering enhanced durability and high versatility, such as polycarbonate or a composite of different material types, the customer is ultimately free to choose the material type that fits it best. Regardless of the card material or selected interface (contactless, contact-based or 2-chip hybrid), all Veridos cards and passport data pages meet international standards and are compatible with a wide variety of security features.

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