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Easy and Effective Upgrade for Existing Passport Booklets​

eCovers and Inlays are the most convenient method to upgrade existing passport booklets solutions into fully ICAO compliant solutions. The eCovers concept is simple. The manufacturing process for the standard passport cover is adapted to incorporate a chip and antenna. This integration step functions seamlessly without reducing productivity for the booklet manufacturer. Inlays are used as a chip and antenna solution to be glued between the standard cover material and paper booklet. Here too the installation of the chip integrates seamlessly into the booklet production.

Flexible and compatible with full automation

Veridos offers a full range of cotton and paper-based eCovers solutions, each module and antenna integrated into a single combined product. Inlays from Veridos represent similarly flexible solutions to chip and antenna integration. Given the flexibility of both approaches, it is possible to customize a product to the customer’s specific needs in a very short time frame, using the latest generation of fully automated machines with 100% in process control.

Stable characteristics, reduced waste

The single combined eCover product integrates smoothly and reliably into booklet manufacturing without requiring significant changes in the production process. The full automated process guarantees high quality eCovers and inlays with stable characteristics. All eCovers and inlays undergo comprehensive testing, cutting the waste stream down and ensuring that any subsequent returns will be related to actual working chip modules.

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